How would you rate your life

How would you rate your life

What if I could help you make it a 10?
Imagine the possibilities!
Welcome to Parenting with Intention! … a place where you can find the skills and knowledge you require to turn your troubles into triumphs!

Four important questions to ask yourself right now:

1. Are you ready to take action and experience REAL change in your life or family?
2. Are you in search of ideas on how to deal with crisis or just be a better parent?
3. Would you like to have better relationships with your children and spouse?
4. Have you tried the advice of others and read all the books but nothing works or lasts?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions,
PWI parent coaching may be right for you!

Is this you?

As a trained and certified parent coach, I help families just like yours overcome adversity and achieve real happiness every day. Even if you feel like things are at their worst, I can help you live the life you deserve!

What kind of results do I deliver?

With well over a decade of experience working with families as an award-winning elementary school teacher, speaker, and parenting coach, there’s no limit to what we can achieve together. I can help you:

Experience increased family harmony
Enjoy reduced stress in your life and the lives of those you love
Have fun and feel great about life again
Make the most out of life every day

How do I do it?

You bring the passion and I will help you discover how to get results! Together we’ll:

Explore the issues and identify the problem(s)
Identify what matters most to you in your life
Establish a clear picture of the solution(s) you’d love to achieve
And get you into action—taking steps immediately to achieve your goal(s)
Or put another way, we work on “The 3 C’s” …

1. Get CLEAR and define the issues and goals
2. CHART the course—defining the steps that will move you towards your goal
3. CELEBRATE your success along the way , and ultimately the achievement of your goals

Why do my coaching clients experience improved results immediately? It’s simple. Unlike books or other programs, you and I develop custom solutions based on your needs, strengths & desires. There are no “off-the-shelf” answers given here!

And we do all of this, as one of my clients put it, “in a comfortable, relaxed environment.